It is fundamental that private individuals and, in general, the whole society become aware of the risks that they run when hiring companies or people, despite presenting themselves as builders, painters, electricians, plumbers or other professionals, in fact they are not legally authorized anything from any kind of work. "This is a recurring situation," says Reis Campos, president of the Association of Industrial Construction and Public Works. Any professional who carries out construction work must have a certificate or permit and a work accident insurance. "It is good to bear in mind that liability, in case there is a complaint, an inspection or occupation an accident at work, also, of those who hire a company." Thus, "before making the payment, it is worth ensuring that these legal conditions are met". It is in this context that Reis Campos affirms "a difference of companies and a sensitization of the population to the necessity to look for companies that act legally without market, able to give an efficient response, with adequate quality and sustainability standards, is essential." This is the reason for the justification of the availability by AICCOPN of a brand capable of distinguishing all those that comply with legality and quality standards, such as, in the case of Urban Rehabilitation, under the brand "RU-IS - Urban Rehabilitation Smart and Sustainable. " The compliance of companies by all those who carry out their activity in the construction market, in general, is a structural system for a competitive positioning of companies and industry. "We will not agree, with a proliferation of situations of misaligned competition, on the part of those who act in the margin of law, not complying as more basic rules, such as building construction, labor market and fiscal health and safety, The credibility and professional image always associated with the builders, evidenced in the works carried out over the years, in Portugal, but also without rest of the world, can not be called into question by entities that are not part of the industry, "says the association leader. "It must be said that it is not a problem with the control, who maintains their service of undeclared work, is not known as the norms of health and safety of work." This is a basic starting point in which we must point out the good functioning of the market, the healthy competition and safeguarding of the rights of the consumers, objectives in which AICCOPN is committed, "working together as city councils, as licensing entities and with the IMPIC - Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction, as regulator", he concludes.